Babies   (3-4 1/2 year olds)       30 minutes          £6 per week                £66

Pre primary (4-6 year olds)     30 minutes          £6 per week                £66

                                                               45 minutes          £6.50 per week      £71.50

Primary  (exam class)                30 minutes          £6 per week                £66

                                                               45 minutes          £6.50 per week      £71.50

Grade 1                                             45 minutes          £6.50 per week      £71.50

                                                                1 hour                  £7.50 per week     £82.50

Grade 2-6                                         1 hour                  £7.50 per week     £82.50


Intermediate                                  1 hour                   £8 per week               £88


Street Dance                                  1 hour                 £7.50 per week       £82.50


Adult tap                                         1 hour                  £7 per week           

                                            1st Half term      £42                     2nd Half term   £35


Adult ballet              1 hour                £6   (for adult tappers)      £30 /   £30

                                                                   £8 (for non tappers)          £40 /   £40





Primary – Grade 3

Kingfisher blue sleeveless leotard, black stirrup tights, black belt, black crossover cardigan (optional),

FOR TAP- black tap shoes with heel taps fitted (teletone taps from grade 2 upwards), black socks.


Grades 4 – 6

Black sleeveless leotard, black crossover cardigan (optional),

FOR MODERN- black stirrup tights or black leggings and black belt

FOR TAP- black cotton lycra jazz pants, black tap shoes with teletone ball and heel taps fitted, black socks.


Intermediate, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 Tap and Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Any colour leotard in any style,

FOR MODERN- black stirrup tights, Capezio Foot Undeez (optional)

FOR TAP- black cotton lycra jazz pants, black tap shoes with teletone ball and heel taps fitted, black socks.


Boys – all classes

White t shirt, black shorts or jazz trousers,

FOR MODERN- bare feet

FOR TAP- black socks and black tap shoes




Babies Ballet

Pink sleeveless leotard, pink net skirt, pink crossover cardigan, pink ballet socks, pink ballet shoes with elastic sewn in.


Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet

I.S.T.D. regulation plum sleeveless leotard, plum chiffon skirt, pink crossover cardigan, pink ballet socks or ballet tights, pink ballet shoes with elastic sewn in.  Ballet socks are required for the exam.


Grades 1, 2 and 3 Ballet 

Same as Primary but please note plum waistband and satin ribbons securely sewn to the ballet shoe is required for the exam. Grades 2 and 3 require ballet tights for the exam.


Grade 4 Ballet

Same as grade 1-3. Plum waist band, no skirt. Tights are compulsory.


Grade 5 and 6 Ballet

Navy blue leotard, tights are compulsory. A navy crossover may be worn in class.



White t shirt, black shorts, white socks and black ballet shoes with black elastic.


Official uniform available from Dancers Boutique, Shop 5 Sycamore Place, Hill Avenue, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 5BG.






Classes start back on Monday 6th January.


The last class of term is Saturday 28th March.


No classes during the half term week of  17th - 23rd February inclusive


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